Nathanael Bensusen

Lets Go Camping

Nathanael Bensusen
Lets Go Camping

You want to go camping? Here's a list of gear and the mindset you'll need to make it without worrying, whether you're camping solo, with one or two friends, or a larger group of family or friends.

Lets start with staying alive. Clothes, stay warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather. Shelter, to stay warm and dry throughout the night. Water, whether you're packing it in or filtering it. Food, have enough, balance intake calories with your expenditure of calories. Fire, be confident in being able to have it. Be safe and have backup gear for important things.

Somewhere to sleep. You'll have to decide how you want to sleep. Do you want to sleep on the ground or suspended in a hammock? If you choose a to sleep on the ground you'll probably go with a tent. You'll practically get +1-person-capacity with most tents unless you're choosing a Bivy. With a tent you need to take time to find a level area or level the area yourself. You need to clear the ground to avoid piercing the tent and to be able to sleep comfortably. With a hammock you'll need two trees with a comfortable distance to hang from, be careful of dead trees [Widow Makers].

Clothing. The most important thing is to recognize the season you're adventuring in and wear the appropriate material. I grew up in a desert so most of my clothes were cotton when I started outdoorsy stuff. In cold weather you can stay warm without millions of layer if you wear the right textiles. For cold, merino wool base layers have been magic for me. Probably sounds silly to people growing up in another climate.
Base Layer
Outer Layer

Hydration. Water is necessary. Filter. Fire Safety.
Carrying Water
Filtering Water

Fire. Warmth and cooking.
Making Fire
Fire Safety

Food. Intake what you expend. Packing food. Dehydrating.

Be safe. Around fire. First Aid kit and use. Actually use and replace stuff from First Aid while home to become familiar.