Why are you here and why should you care about me? You're either here to read my opinion on something you're about to spend your money on; or you think clicking the link I sent you will stop me from bugging you.


I am a very particularly eccentric person who goes about things in my own way. If I can help you discover a new way of doing something or a new product that works for you, great! If not, I'll try to make you smile.

I am from California. In my thirties. Male. Grew up in technology. Work life has included portrait-photography, becoming a sysadmin, network admin, and eventually the director of technology for a small school district.

Recently I've shifted gears to try and live more simply with less worry, create more, and focus on helping others with everything I've learned.

Some of the other top level hobbies that make me happy include writing, organizing, gaming, and painting.

I'm going to be trying to get out of cities as much as I can. I want to be learning and testing these tools and this knowledge as much as possible.

When inside of buildings I will also be doing some cooking. 


Starting out I will be building up a list of reviews with stuff I already own. Camping gear, kitchen things, and some other ancillary whatever's. Then we will start finding new high quality equipment that is good for all to own. 

If we share similar tastes or you know someone who does, look around or send them over. If you have any suggestions or stuff you'd like me to test out feel free to contact me or send me something from the Amazon list.

Part of this site is supported by Amazon Affiliate links. Purchasing through my links will support me. Receiving things from the wish list will be sweet. And if I can help you make a decision or you just enjoy reading this dumb stuff, I'll be happy.

I am currently unaffiliated nor sponsored with any other products or brand.